A Hip Hop Dance Company
Creative Directed by Eboné VanityZo Carrera


Our Mission

Funk Revolution is more than just a Dance Company, we are a mission-driven Educational Organization dedicated to preserving Hip Hop history as well as advocating for it's status as a prestigious field of academic study alongside Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, etc...


We are determined to seeing to it that the new generation of young Hip Hop dancers become versed in the Golden Era fundamentals & funk styles as a prerequisite to working professionally in the commercial industry. We feel that today's youth are overwhelmed and therefore limited by social media hype and a "run-before-you-can-walk" mentality so we hope to instill the values of hard work, patience, practice & true dedication to craft in order to shape the next generation of well-rounded dancers, choreographers & teachers who will carry on this tradition.

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Funk Revolution

Dance Company

Tel: (347) 309-6226

Hrs of Availability: M-F 10am-6pm

New York City, United States

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